Your Military Disability

Your military disability can receive military disability compensationIt’s time for you to take control of your Military Disability.

The first step is to understand the DoD Disability Process and the VA Disability Process.

Next, Find Your Conditions on this site to see how your conditions are rated by the rules of the VASRD. We have tried to provide simple, straightforward explanations of how the VASRD rates each condition. Remember to read up on the VASRD Principles and the Musculoskeletal Principles to understand how to apply these rules.

A word of warning: The VASRD is a congressional law made by legal authorities, not medical authorities. It does fall short some of the time, especially with more complex or rare conditions. When it does, it is up to the Rating Authorities to assign as fair a Military Disability Rating for the condition as possible. Likewise, there is often conflicting information in medical records, and it is up to the Rating Authorities to interpret the condition and apply the VASRD the best they can.

Note: We cannot guarantee that the rating you may think your condition deserves based on the information on this site will be the ratings you actually receive. 

Once you understand how your conditions should be rated, then you should have all the tools you need to maximize your Military Disability Benefits.

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