Our Sponsorship Program

We offer four different benefit packages flexible enough to meet the individual needs of each of our Sponsors: Weekly Carousel Placement, Weekly Home Page Roadblock, Featured Placements, and Gold Sponsorships.

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Weekly Carousel Placement

The carousel at the top of our Home Page is the ideal location to maximize your ad’s visibility.

This prime real estate provides the largest ad space on our site (accommodates ads up to 795x400) and encourages interaction with thousands of visitors.





Weekly Home Page Roadblock

Be the exclusive sponsor on our Home Page for an entire week!


This sponsorship grants the exclusive rights to all three of our premier ad slots on our home page. These spaces include one Leaderboard (728x90), one Medium Rectangle (300x250), and one Skyscraper (120x600).


Consecutive Weekly Roadblocks are subject to availability.





Featured Placements

These economical ads are a powerful way to initiate valuable interactions with potential clientele.

Located on our Home Page and measuring 300x100, these ads provide just enough space for a logo and a call to action.

Whether taking a survey, filling out an application, or just inviting them to find out more, sink your hook into your future clients with irresistible bait.


Our Gold Sponsorships

Want to support us, but don’t want to be limited by the availability of our ad space? Join our list of Sponsors by donating at least $1,000 at any time. Contact Us to discuss options for larger donations.

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