Press Release: New Changes Makes Military Disability Website More User Friendly


UNITED STATES: February 20, 2014 -- just launched new changes to their site to fix errors, further simplify complex concepts, and increase the navigation of the website.

The website provides complete information about DoD Disability and VA Disability.

Founder, Retired Colonel George P. Johnson, MD said, “Our goal is to give our veterans the highest quality information. To do this, we must not only provide correct information, but provide it in the most user-friendly way possible. Our team is continually striving to improve our site so that every veteran can easily access this essential information.

“In this round of changes, we’ve focused on further breaking down DoD Disability and VA Disability, centering our discussions around key terms. Each key term has its own page that thoroughly explains it and all its nuances. With the term completely defined, we then use it throughout the site to help explain other, more-complicated subjects, thus making our discussions clearer and more to the point. There is now less stuff to muddle through.”

Among these new key term pages are concepts like Unfit for Duty, Service-Connected, Rating Authorities, EPTS, TDRL, and more.

In addition to these pages, the discussions on the DoD Disability Process and the VA Disability Process are now broken down into a more step-by-step format.

“We’ve tried to do this from the beginning,” Dr. Johnson explained, “but the step-by-step ideal was hard to achieve when constantly having to define terms in the midst of the discussion. Now with our new term pages, our discussions of the various processes have become much more systematic and to the point.”

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