Press Release: Now Even Better Equipped to Help Disabled Veterans with their Military Disability and VA Disability

UNITED STATES: February 12, 2014 -- launched a new and improved version of their website in January 2014.

A disabled american veteran enjoys military disability with his familyIn addition to the comprehensive information it provides for service members and Disabled America Veterans about DoD Disability and VA Disability, the site now includes better navigation, more comprehensive discussions of popular Military Disability topics, information about Historic VASRDs along with the current VASRD, complete instructions and forms for filing for military disability and appealing rating decisions, a VA Disability Chart with the current compensation rates, and much more.

Military Disability Made Easy has only been online for 1 year, but has already gained a steady following. One satisfied user commented, “I am a big fan of your site! It is so nice to talk to someone who understands this process and can explain it in terms a caveman like me can understand.”

Another further stated, “Thank you for your info. Due to being able to give the right information and demonstrate some knowledge on disabilities, instead of the examiner just asking standard questions, helped me get a fair rating.”

Founder Dr. George P. Johnson, Retired Air Force Colonel, said about the new site, “We are dedicated to helping veterans take control of their disability to ensure that they receive the benefits they deserve. In addition to the thorough information we provide on our site, we now also offer interactive blogs, and of course, anyone can Contact Us anytime for further help and guidance.”

The blogs referred to include the Advice From the Big Guy: A Military Disability Blog, and their Top Military Disability News.

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