Press Release: Makes the Military Disability System More Accessible to Assist Disabled Veterans

Military Disability Made Easy is a new website to benefit disabled American veteransUNITED STATES: April 1, 2013 -- A new website has been developed to help Disabled Veterans understand the VA Disability and DoD Disability processes. launched in March, 2013.

The website provides simple descriptions of the entire DoD Disability Process and VA Disability Process, including definitions of key terms and hints on how to maximize Military Disability Ratings.

With over 50 pages and 215 illustrations, this website gives layman descriptions of the laws that Rating Authorities use to determine the amount of Military Disability Benefits a veteran should receive. Veterans can also search for their particular conditions to find out how each is rated and determine if the ratings given for their conditions are accurate.

Recent evidence from the VA's Inspector General revealed that the VA makes errors in about 23 percent of all disability cases. By empowering the veterans with the tools and information they need to take control of their disability, hopes to help veterans understand the disability process and how the VA and DoD are supposed to rate conditions so that they can be proactive in making sure that their cases are rated correctly. is the brainchild of a retired Air Force physician, Dr. George Johnson, who served on active duty for 31 years, including tours in DESERT STORM, ENDURING FREEDOM, and IRAQI FREEDOM. In his last tour on active duty, Johnson oversaw preventive medicine in the deployed environment at the Pentagon. Recently, he worked for the Physical Disability Board of Review (PDBR)—a group set up by Congress to review and correct DoD disability cases. He currently works as a VA medical examiner, evaluating disabled veterans for VA compensation.

Johnson stated that he developed because "there is clearly a need for it. Too many veterans are frustrated and overwhelmed by the disability process. We need to empower these brave Americans with the knowledge they need to ensure that they receive the benefits they deserve after they have been injured defending their country."

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Military Disability Made Easy is a national website dedicated to helping
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