When a service member develops a medical condition and he is referred to the Integrated Disability Evaluation System, he is appointed a PEBLO (Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer) to assist him throughout the process.

The PEBLO is the main point of contact between the service member, the family, the chain of command, the VA, and the PEB throughout the DoD Disability Process

It is the PEBLO’s job to compile all the information from the service member, his physicians, his commander, and any other source that is necessary to properly assign Military Disability Ratings to each of his medical conditions that qualify for Military Disability.

At the beginning of the Integrated Disability Evaluation System process, the service member’s physician’s referral is sent to the PEBLO. The PEBLO then connects the service member with his counterpart in the VA, the Military Services Coordinator (MSC). The MSC is the service member’s point of contact for the VA Disability Process. The MSC helps the service member submit his VA Disability Claim and schedule his C&P Exam.

While the service member is working with the MSC, the PEBLO begins to gather information. Once the C&P Exam is complete, the results are sent to the PEBLO, and the PEBLO sends all the information he’s collected to the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB).

While the MEB and the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) are doing their thing, the PEBLO will keep the service member updated on the progress of the Boards.

Once the MEB makes its determination, the PEBLO sits down with the service member to review the results. The PEBLO is there to explain the decisions and answer any questions the service member might have.

Once the PEB makes its decision, the PEBLO will again sit down with the service member to discuss the results—both the PEB’s fitness decision and the VA’s Rating Decision. The PEBLO will explain the decisions, answer any questions the service member might have, and counsel the service member on the choices he needs to make, including whether or not to submit an appeal (or “rebuttal”).

If the service member is unhappy with the PEB's decision, the PEBLO will assist him in appealing to the Formal Physical Evaluation Board (FPEB). Once the FPEB makes a decision, the DoD Disability Process will be over, and the PEBLO’s job complete.

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