Military Disability


The DoD’s Military Disability
The VA's Military Disability

Military Disability is compensation and benefits given to all veterans who have service-connected conditions.

Military Disability is broken into two kinds: DoD Disability and VA Disability.

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The DoD’s Military Disability

The DoD gives Military Disability to service members who develop service-connected conditions that make them Unfit for Duty.

Purple Hearts are given for veterans who received a military disability in combatTo receive Military Disability from the DoD, a service member must go through the Integrated Disability Evaluation System, which combines the DoD Disability Process with the VA Disability Process to make it easier and faster for the service member to get Military Disability from both organizations.

During the DoD Disability Process, the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) reviews all the service member’s conditions and sends a report to the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) on which of the conditions are medically unacceptable.

The PEB then reviews the case and officially determines which of the service-connected conditions make the service member Unfit for Duty and thus qualify for Military Disability. A Military Disability Rating is then assigned by the VA to each condition. These ratings determine the exact amount of Military Disability Benefits the service member will receive from the DoD.

If the service member does not agree with the PEB’s decision, he can try to increase his Military Disability from the DoD by submitting appeals.

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The VA’s Military Disability

While the DoD gives Military Disability only for conditions that make a service-member Unfit for Duty, the VA gives Military Disability for every service-connected condition a veteran has.

The VA Disability Process for Military Disability begins with the veteran undergoing Compensation and Pension Exams (C&P Exams). The VA will then assign a VA Disability Rating to every condition that qualifies. Again, to qualify for Military Disability from the VA, a condition must be service-connected.

The ratings are then used to determine the exact amount of Military Disability the veteran will receive from the VA. Our VA Disability Chart contains all the current monetary rates for the VA’s Military Disability. 

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