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I served 31 years in the military—retired Air Force Colonel—and during that time spent a lot of time working on disability. When I was doing that, I noticed that there was a big vacuum of information. There’s just not a lot of information out there for people who are going through the disability system, and so I got together with our team and we talked about it and decided that we could develop something and put it on the web that would help them out. was designed to take very complicated legal and medical information and Congressional law and turn it into something that’s much more easy to understand.

It will help service members that are preparing to go through the disability system to understand how they should prepare for the exams. It will also help veterans who have already gone through the rating system to understand their ratings and to know if they were rated in a fair manner. We know already, and the VA readily admits, that 26% of the ratings they make are errors. Using our site, the soldiers can compare their ratings to the standard and see if they got a fair rating.

There are other websites that talk about the Military Disability system, but they talk more about the general process and don’t really go into the details of the rating system. is the only one that truly goes into the details of the rating system. It delves into specifics of the process and specifics of the different ratings, including exactly how a rating is determined.

For instance, if somebody has a shoulder injury, we’ll tell them if you’re able to lift your arm a certain amount, that’s this much disability, if you can lift it this much more, it’s this much disability. Basically, tell them what the standards are so they can compare that to the rating they actually receive.

Clearly, the group we were focused on when we were developing this website was the veterans. They’ve served our country, they’ve done a lot, and many of them have sacrificed much. We want them to have the information they need to assure them that they are getting a fair rating. However, there are also many other groups who can use the website. As I said earlier, I work doing examinations for disability ratings for veterans, and one time, we had a veteran that had a different diagnosis, and we weren’t sure exactly what types of exams we should do. We went to the website, looked to see how it was rated and that helped guide us through. So it can be used to help doctors who are doing disability evaluations know what types of exams to do.

The VASRD is a law that was passed by Congress, and they frequently update it. It is the law that the VA has to use when they are rating disabilities. It’s so complicated because it’s written by lawyers and doctors and it is not written for anyone other than lawyers and doctors. We plodded through it and, trust me on this, it was sometimes hair-pulling as we went through it and tried to summarize it and make it understandable. I think you’ll find when you go to the website that we succeeded fairly well. Most people would be able to understand our explanation, and I’m betting that a lot of the raters who do the VA ratings will eventually go to our website to help understand the VASRD.

There is a lot of information on this website. There had to be a lot of information because the body is so complicated, there’s lots of different parts of the body that break, and each different part is rated separately. But don’t worry—you can do it! This is not rocket science.

First off, my recommendation would be to go to the How To Use This Site page. There it will take you step by step what to do. We do have a small staff that can answer questions, so if you get stuck and need some help, just write a question, and we’ll respond back as soon as we can to try to help you out. We’re here to serve you. Just click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page. We want the vets to receive honest ratings that are fair.

The important thing for this website is we want to ensure that our military members are taken care of—that if they’re injured, if they’re disabled because of service to their country, these heroes receive the compensation they deserve.

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