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Take Control of Your Military Disability

Having trouble understanding your DoD and VA disability benefits?

Frustrated by the bureaucracy of the military disability system?

We understand. The military disability system can seem overwhelming, and the limited resources available are not clear and comprehensive. That is why we at Military Disability Made Easy have joined together to provide you with all the resources you need to navigate the waters of the military disability system with as little angst as possible. 

According to IG audits, the VA makes mistakes in about 25% of all VA disability cases. By giving disabled American veterans the knowledge they lack, we hope to decrease this percentage and ensure that all disabled American veterans receive the VA disability benefits they deserve.

What is the VASRD? What do I need to do during the MEB process? How does the PEB rate my conditions? Why did I get less VA disability than I was hoping for? What can I do to increase my VA disability benefits?

Everything you need to know about the military disability system is now in one place. Get started on the road to your military disability security today!

Top Military Disability Topics:

Military Disability
Discover how Military Disability works for both the DoD and the VA.

VA Disability
VA Disability is given to all veterans who have medical conditions that were caused by their military service.

The VA and the DoD both use the laws of the VASRD to rate disabilities.

VA Disability Benefits
What VA Disability Benefits should you be receiving for your military disability?

Disabled American Veterans
Disabled American Veterans qualify for both DoD and VA Disability.

DoD Disability
DoD Disability is given to veterans whose conditions make them unable to do their military duties.

To receive DoD Disability, all service members must go through the MEB.

The PEB decides the ratings for DoD Disability.

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